Concentration Area: Medical Sciences


Research Line:

Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases

Research line with interdisciplinary action integrating clinical research to several areas of knowledge that address metabolic and endocrine diseases, aiming at the identification of risk factors and therapeutic interventions.


Research Line:

Neurodegenerative Diseases

It aims to produce and apply knowledge about neurodegeneration, seeking intervention on the mechanisms involved, and establishing strategies that benefit patients and promote health.


Research Line:

Translational Research in Human Health

Integrates researchers who work in sectors of knowledge, in the area of ​​health sciences, aiming to transfer the knowledge produced to the application for the benefit of human health, generating opportunities for comprehensiveness and strengthening of expertise.


Concentration Area: Oncology


Research Line:

Genomic, Transcriptomic and Proteomic

Multidisciplinary and translational area that aims to analyze the structural and functional aspects of the human genome in the identification of genetic elements that may have medical relevance.


Research Line:

Identification and Development of Biomarkers

Multidisciplinary area that aims to identify and develop biomarkers, which may be used as risk factors, determinants of prognosis, indicators of therapeutic response or targets of cancer treatment.


Research Line:

Pathology, Clinic and Oncology Therapy

Development of projects addressing aspects of the clinical practice of the various professionals working in oncology, from diagnosis to curative treatment, and other measures aimed at improving the quality of life of patients with neoplasias.