Training of future health professionals

1) Coordinated by Professor Marília de Souza Araújo, the research project "Evaluation of the Nutritional Profile and Dietary Orientation in Different Cycles of Life Facing Social Projects" seeks to meet the spontaneous demand coming from social projects and has the objective of training - in a practical way - future health professionals trained in a higher education institution to assess nutritional status, identify nutritional disorders and provide dietary guidance to individuals of different lifecycles.

2) Health Promotion of Patients with Cirrhosis of the Liver: Multidisciplinary project with 42 members, including professors, senior level servers, residents and undergraduate students in Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy and Psychology (UFPA, UEPA, UNAMA , CESUPA and the Santa Casa de Misericórdia Foundation of Pará). It promoted systematic and scientific studies to subsidize the activities of health education in the waiting room of the specialty clinic and presentations in congresses;

3) Comprehensive Assistance to the Diabetic Patient of the Amazónian Community: Coordinated by Professor João Soares Felício, this project has a multidisciplinary team involving the patient assistance at Barros Barreto Hospital. (CONSEP - Resolution 3298 - 07/03/2005).

4) Coordinated by Professor André Khayat, the project Molecular diagnosis of leukemias in patients from the state of Pará;

5) Coordinated by Professor Lizomar Moia, the specialized care - HEPATOLOGY to patients admitted to the FSCMPA host of resident physicians;

6) Coordinated by Professor Luis Guimarães:

• Specialization in Forensic Sciences - CESUPA;

• Specialization in Criminal Expertise and Forensic Sciences - DALMASS;

• Course: Places of crime: from traces to dynamics in the First Symposium of the Academic League of Forensic Sciences - UFTM;

7) Coordinated by Professor Rosivaldo Borges, the project lectures and courses on Biomolecules chemistry at events sponsored by the Brazilian Association of Chemistry in Macapá-AP (ABQ-AP);

8) Coordinated by Professor Wallace Gomes:

• Project of lectures for the dissemination of research in Epilepsy in partnership with the NGO Iluminando a vida and Northern Epilepsy Group

• Conference 4: Adult hippocampal neurogenesis in experimental models of epilepsy. PALESTINIAN: Professor Wallace Gomes Leal (UFPA and Northern Epilepsy Group). 03-24-2017. I North-Brazilian Symposium on Refractory Epilepsies: from the Genome to the Surgical Treatment, Belém-PA;

9) Coordinated by Professor João Soares Felício, the extension project "Integral Care for the Diabetic Patient of the Amazon Community", which is held at the João Barros Barreto University Hospital and provides multiprofessional and integral care to the participating patients. In 2017 more than 6,000 patients were seen;

10) Collaboration of Professor João Soares Felício in extension projects:

- "Aspirative Fine Needle Tire - PAAF and Alcoholization of Thyroid Nodules", which is performed at the João de Barros Barreto University Hospital and aims to perform a complementary examination (FNAB of thyroid nodules) and to treat (alcoholization of thyroid nodules) in patients attended at the endocrinology clinic of the João de Barros Barreto University Hospital. In 2017, 1,000 patients were seen;

- "Ambulatory Endocrine Pathology in Childhood and Adolescence", which is held at the João Barros Barreto University Hospital and aims to provide humanized and integrated care to the pediatric population that has endocrine pathologies. In 2017 this project reached 4487 people;

- "Comprehensive care for the obese patient, with an emphasis on childhood obesity", which is held at the João de Barros Barreto University Hospital and provides multiprofessional and integral care to the participating patients. In 2017 about 4,000 patients were seen.

11) Coordinated by Professor Samia Demachki, the Pathological Anatomy Unit was responsible in 2017 for more than 3,000 histopathological, cytopathological and immunohistochemical diagnostic procedures of patients attended at the UFPA Hospital Complex, which includes the João de Barros Barreto and Bettina Ferro de Souza University Hospitals.


Community Health Programs

1) Food Orientation Program for Celiacs;

2) Comprehensive Assistance to obese patients, with emphasis on childhood obesity;

3) Ambulatory of Endocrine Pathologies in Childhood and Adolescence. (CONSEP - Resolution 3298 - 03/07/2005);

4) Prevalence of the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus with the Use of the Glucose Hemoglobin Examination in Relation to the Use of the Glucose Test of Fasting and Oral Test of Tolerance to Glucose;

5) Neonatal Diabetes: Case Report;

6) Solid and Mixed Thyroid Nodules Subjected to Percutaneous Injection with Ethanol: Clinical Aspects;

7) Provision of community service in the Assistance Stage of the University Extension Journey of the Federal University of Pará, held on November 10, 11 and 12, 2015, in the Mercado Bolonha, Ver-o-Peso. In the opportunity, 386 people from the community were attended, being offered service of verification of casual blood glucose and blood pressure measurement;

8) Provision of services related to World Diabetes Day, held on November 14, 2015, at Shopping Castanheira. Attending of patients with Diabetes Mellitus in all age groups, in the HUJBB referred by the Public Health Network of the State of Pará and some States in the North and Northeast of Brazil. Number of Persons Affected: 8,386 patients, of which 8,074 were diabetic type 2 and 312 type 1.

9) Waiting Room Project: guidance on cancer to caregivers, caregivers and family members;

10) Project Portrait and Hope: Project of photographic registration of cancer patients in chemotherapy.